Developed by Jill Temkin over the course of 25+ years, systematically teaches you how to shift your mindset, physiology and emotional response so you can take action from a place of clarity and calm, instead of reactivity and fear.


Imagine what is possible for you at work, at home, and in all your relationships if you had the tools to shift the energetic thought tornado that begins to rise in moments of stress, anxiety and fear.


Imagine mindfully generating a state of mental, physical and emotional alignment in response (rather than reaction) to unpredictability.


Imagine the sense of fulfillment and contentment that is possible when you meet unpredictability with an open and receptive heart.

What if you could produce the confidence needed to know that you are resourceful and skilled enough to meet any challenge that crosses your path without throwing the needs of others, or yourself under the bus?

What can Well-Being Squared help you accomplish?

  • Train yourself to cultivate a mindset of balance and fulfillment, in the face of unpredictability and stress.  

  • Discover how to be intentional and learn how to allocate your most precious resource: Your energy and attention.  

Coach & Trainer

Jill Temkin, Founder, Master Coach and Training Director at wellbeing squared, is an internationally certified executive coach with over 25 years of experience delivering innovative coaching, team-building and leadership development programs to corporations and healthcare organizations and throughout the country.




Bring out your innate gifts and talents

My own journey to finding a healthy lifestyle has given me an insight into the many challenges one encounters while trying to balance personal and professional needs and aspirations. This, and over 25 years of professional experience, enables me to bring a high level of competence, empathy, respect and understanding to the coaching arena. In my system of coaching clients consistently clarify and achieve the goals that are most important to them.


Creating a Culture of well-being in the workplace

My education and experience in training design and facilitation allow me to provide you, the client, with the tools and methods you need to shift your organizational culture. The goal is to create a culture that builds and supports high level collaboration, innovation, and inclusion.  When this cultural shift takes place, employees report increased job satisfaction, productivity and overall wellbeing.


Explore the shifting landscapes of your life

Imagine being in the company of others, who are juggling high-powered jobs, a family life, and time for themselves. People who understand exactly what you are going through. Learn how to clarify your values, embrace the wisdom of your life experience and notice which areas of your life hold the most meaning for you. Experience consciously direct your energy and attention to those areas and achieve a higher level of life satisfaction.

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Jill Temkin

Your Guide to Well-Being

If you are feeling exhausted and depleted by life’s multiple demands, Jill has the research based tools you need to train yourself how to act from a place of mental, emotional and physical alignment (free of internal conflict) so your contributions are richer, more meaningful and more sustainable (for everyone).